Xtra Caxxia, encore plus de Namoro pour l’été

On a signé avec Grimalkin Records (USA) 4 titres qui sortiront de terre le 11 juin prochain.

Du coup la description est en anglais:

Namoro is a duet created in 2018 and based in Paris, France. Composed by Bili Bellegarde (she/her) and Mascare (she/her), Namoro sings poems over electronic arrangements and they create hybrid music on the border of performance and art as invitations to dance. Namoro was born from two dykes who love each other and their activism comes through furious odes of love and poetry.
Xtra Caxxia is a 4 track EP, two to dance with eyes open and two to dance with eyes closed. Namoro recorded this EP in Paris in their studio-flat during the long days of the past shitty year. This studio-flat is located on the 8th floor, and they only saw the sky. Xtra Caxxia is a kind of light-house sending a simple and necessary message: we spent time with clouds and dancing rain; now we dream of dancing flesh and human eyes.

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